I've been diagnosed with a brain injury

~~~ See below for general tips for those with ABI. ~~~

  1. The BIC suggests that everyone whose life has been affected by brain injury seek out a local brain injury support group or join an online support or discussion group as soon as possible.  Do you need a brain injury support group? yes-button
  2. If you are working, are you having difficulty at work since your brain injury?yes-button
  3. Do you need to apply for disability benefits? yes-button
  4. Are you in school or planning to go to school? yes-button
  5. Do you need legal help? yes-button
  6. Do you need other types of human services, i.e., monetary support, food, housing, etc? yes-button
  7. Are you a veteran? yes-button
The following are general tips for persons with brain injury.  Do not rely solely on this information.  Please consult with a specialist.

A. Keep a pen and paper near you to write things down as they come into your thoughts before you forget, especially if you are having problems with your memory.

B. Make a list of your needs and keep your notes in one place OR

C. Add them to an organizational and reminding system that works best for you.  It could be a personal calendar, an electronic personal digital assistant (PDA), a special notebook, or sticky notes.  If you use scratch paper or sticky notes be sure to keep them in one place, i.e., attach them to a cork board, your refrigerator or a mirror, or place them in a folder or envelope, etc.