How can I blog for the BIC?

The following individuals are welcome to post in the BIC Community Blog, BIC Bloggin' - Voices of the brain injury community, or add a personal or business Blog to the BIC Blue Book:

  • People who've experienced an acquired brain injury (ABI);
  • Friends and family members affected by brain injury;
  • The medical community specializing in brain injury;
  • Attorneys specializing in legal matters that affect the brain injury community, including workers compensation, social security, personal injury, etc.; and
  • Representatives of brain injury and disability organizations

Prior to writing a blog for the Brain Injury Connection (BIC) community or adding your personal or Organization's Blog, you must read and comply with the blogging guidelines.

There are two sections on the BIC web site for blogs:

1.  The BIC Community Blog is BIC Bloggin’ - Voices of the brain injury community.

Goals of BIC Bloggin' include:

  • Raising awareness about acquired brain injury (ABI) and issues that matter to the brain injury community;
  • Educating the public about brain injury from the perspective of those affected by an ABI and the professionals who work directly with the ABI community; and
  • Connecting people to news, events and resources of interest to the brain injury community.

Blogs can include:

  • Announcements applicable to the brain injury community and about the BIC organization and/or BIC web site.
  • Discussions about news applicable to the brain injury community that you’d like to expound on or an issue in the ABI community that needs some light shed on it.

Contact the BIC Team, if you'd like to write a blog for the BIC.

2. "Blog" is a category of the Blue Book and where you add your personal or business Blog about the brain and/or brain injury issues and disabilities.

If you want to create your own personal or business blog, start here and do Internet searches on" how to blog" for more information from experienced bloggers.

After you've written your first blog, add it to the BIC Blue Book.  Instructions on "How do I add an entry to the BIC Directory?" are here under FAQS on the main menu.

  • Saturday, 03 March 2012