BIC Blue Book
BIC Blue Book

The people whose lives have been affected by brain injury are the primary contributors to the BIC Blue Book.  The BIC encourages survivors and caregivers to add the resources to the BIC Blue Book they have found most helpful.

It is suggested that you contact the entity (your doctor, nonprofit, business, etc.) you want to share in this directory and tell them you'd like them to be included in the BIC Blue Book.  When an individual or organization adds themself as a resource, they can edit it at any time convenient to them when something changes, i.e., new program, changed website, phone number, etc.

For information about the BIC Blue Book; how the Blue Book can help you; how you can help the Blue Book; and a link to the FAQ with directions on how to add a listing/resource to the Blue Book, please read the modules on the right side of this webpage.

Please read BIC's Disclaimer and the bottom module on the right of this webpage.  You are responsible for your decisions; please remember a resource that may be helpful for one person may not work for another.

If you have a problem with the BIC Blue Book, please notify the BIC Team.

Adaptive and Rehabiliation Equipment


National and regional disability advocacy organizations

Alternative/Holistic Services and Products


Individuals and businesses that provide services to assist those affected by ABI

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology resources for people with disabilities


Blogs on disability and health related topics, Brain Blogs by MDs, PhDs, and other brain injury specialists, Brain Injury Survivor Blogs, Caregiver Blogs

Brain Injury Resources

Organizations that advocate or provide programs and services to the brain injury communitymore brain injury resources, National and International Brain Advocacy Organizations


Businesse operated by the brain injury community

Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Websites


Cognitive Orthotics



Disability Resources, Services & Programs

Educational Institutions

Programs and Services for people w/disabilities, Specialties working w/ABI community

Government Organizations




Life Coach

A Life Coach helps people identify, set and achieve personal goals.Trauma Specialist

Links 2 Only Website Resources


Hospitals, Other Medical Specialist, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Centers

Military Resources

Veteran, Reserve, National Guard, active duty and dependent resourcesActive Duty, Reserves and/or National Guard, Veteran


Brain Injury, Disability, Legal, Prevention & Safety


Online Resources

Other Health Conditions or Diseases

Professional Organizations



Safety and Prevention


Individuals willing to speak at events

Support Groups/Networks

Caregiver Only Support Groups, Online Support Groups/Networks, Support Group for Survivors and Caregivers, Survivor Only Support Groups, Veteran Only Support Groups

Survivor Websites

Working with a disability

Behind the Scenes


This entity serves seniors.


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