How do I submit news?

To submit news, find an online article with an URL appropriate to the BIC and brain injury community.  More information on how to find news is in the module Find and Submit News in the News section of the BIC website.

For now, send news to the BIC Team.

  1. Add your "Name," E-mail address and a "Title" in the message subject. NOTE: DO NOT use the exact title of the article.
  2. Introduce the article, and use quotes if you add anything from the article verbatim.
  3. Add the link/URL for the article and an URL to the communication after any word you want to link to, i.e., a business or nonprofit mentioned, etc.  For example, if your news item refers to Brain Injury Network add <> or the Brain Injury Association <> so BIC can link to it when we post your news item.

A form to submit news is forthcoming.

THANK YOU for submitting news content!

  • Saturday, 03 March 2012