BIC Documents

This section includes documents applicable to the Brain Injury Connection (BIC). 

Note:  Some documents are only available to the BIC Boards, i.e., financial statements and legal documents and other documents are only accessible to our registered users, i.e., Brainstorming - Needs of the ABI Community.


Press Releases

Press Releases ( 1 Files )

This includes all of BIC's Press Releases.
Miscellaneous BIC Documents

Miscellaneous BIC Documents ( 0 Files )

This section includes all the miscellaneous documents regarding the BIC.
Personnel Documents

Personnel Documents ( 0 Files )

This is includes all personnel files.

Publication ( 1 Files )

This section includes BIC Publication documents, i.e., Writer's Guidelines, etc.
Surveys and Polls

Surveys and Polls ( 2 Files )

This is where we will maintain all surveys and polls as PDFs

There are no documents in this category