BIC Documents

BIC Documents ( 10 Files )

This section includes documents applicable to the Brain Injury Connection (BIC). 

Note:  Some documents are only available to the BIC Boards, i.e., financial statements and legal documents and other documents are only accessible to our registered users, i.e., Brainstorming - Needs of the ABI Community.
Press Releases

Press Releases ( 1 Files )

This section contains Brain Injury Connection press releases.

Fundraising ( 0 Files )

This category is for fundraising related *documents.  

Some documents may be accessible only to volunteers working on a specific fundraising activity and the BIC Boards.  Those volunteers must be registered on the BIC web site to access them.
Temporary Documents

Temporary Documents ( 5 Files )

This section includes all temporary documents for the BIC and other organizations that may want to share information by announcing it on the BIC Home Page and/or by adding an event to the BIC Calendar.  

If the information is on your web site, we'd prefer to link to it on your site, because the BIC is in the business of "connecting!"

Help Wanted

Help Wanted ( 8 Files )

This section includes all help wanted positions, including temporary and long-term volunteer positions, board position descriptions, etc.