BIC Publication

A publication (online and offline) to educate the public at-large about acquired brain injury (ABI) and empower those affected by brain injury.  Those affected by brain injury and knowledgeable specialists guide the content of the BIC publication.

Content of the BIC publication includes:

• Articles submitted by brain injury, disability and legal specialists
• Columns by a neuropsychologist and an attorney
• Stories from Survivors and Caregivers
• "Ask A Survivor Q&A"
• Book/Movie reviews
• Poetry
• Guest editorial columns from those affected by brain injury or specialists on a specific issue regarding brain injury
• Tips for compensating/adjusting/adapting to brain injury
• Focus on community resources

Topics for the BIC publication will include:

• Alternative Medicine
• Brain Injury Basics
• Caregiving
• Children and brain injury
• Prevention
• Parenting after a brain injury and the affect of brain injury on children
• Veterans and Brain Injury

The content of the Brain Injury Connection (BIC) is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide professional advice upon which readers should rely. Prior to making use of any information provided by the BIC, you should consult with an appropriate professional. The BIC may receive donations, fees or other monetary or non-monetary benefits from individuals or organizations mentioned herein. The BIC does not support or endorse any business, method, program, facility or treatment mentioned by the BIC.  Read the full BIC Disclaimer here.