About Registering

The BIC requires our community to register to minimize spamming and ensure comments, forum discussions, and the entities added to the BIC directory are relevant to the brain injury community.  Survivors, caregivers and providers don't need to be overwhelmed by E-mails.  Having a registered site helps prevent spammers from getting access to E-mail addresses.

Those who register have access to the interactive features on the BIC website, and:
  • The ability to guest blog;
  • Add news and press releases;
  • Submit comments;
  • Participate in the BIC Forum; and
  • Submit resources to the BIC Blue Book
The BIC welcomes the following to register on the BIC website:
  • Those affected by an acquired brain injury (ABI), including survivors, caregivers, family and friends;
  • Staff and volunteers of brain injury and disability nonprofit organizations;
  • Professionals working directly with the ABI community;
  • Those interested in learning more about ABI (students, employers, educators, etc.); and
  • Those involved in preventing brain injury (safety advocates, law enforcement, etc.).
To register, go to “Login” and register.