Coming soon! The BIC Online Magazine. Hard copies will be printed and distributed as funds are available.

Content of the BIC publication will include:


• Articles submitted by brain injury, disability and legal specialists

• Columns by a neuropsychologist and an attorney

• Stories from Survivors and Caregivers

• "Ask A Survivor Q&A"

• Book/Movie reviews

• Poetry

• Guest editorial columns from those affected by brain injury or specialists on a specific issue regarding brain injury

• Tips for compensating/adjusting/adapting to brain injury

• Focus on community resources

Topics for the BIC publication will include:

• Alternative Medicine

• Brain Injury Basics

• Caregiving

• Children and brain injury

• Prevention

• Parenting after a brain injury and the affect of brain injury on children

• Veterans and Brain Injury

If you have an idea for an article or would like to submit an article for the BIC please contact the BIC Team.