I am helping someone who has been affected by brain injury.

First of all, you should be commended for taking on the task of helping someone whose has sustained a brain injury.

  1. The BIC suggests that everyone whose life has been affected by brain injury, i.e., survivors, caregivers and family members, seek out a local brain injury support group or join an online support or discussion group immediately.  Do you or the person you are helping need a brain injury support group? yes-button
  2. If the person you are helping is working, is he/she having difficulty at work since the brain injury? yes-button
  3. Does he/she need other types of human services, i.e., monetary support, food, housing, etc. yes-button
  4. Does he/she need to apply for disability benefits? yes-button
  5. Is the person you are helping in school or planning to go to school? yes-button
  6. Does he/she need legal help? yes-button
  7. Is the person you are helping a veteran?  yes-button

If you are assisting a child, there are organizations geared to helping children affected by brain injury.  Search the BIC Yellow Pages using the word "pediatric" or "children" or contact the applicable brain injury advocacy organization.

If you are assisting an adult with a brain injury contact the Family Caregiver Alliance for additional resources and guidance or the applicable national or international brain injury organization.

Find your local independent living center here for more information about services available to people living with disabilities.