No, I have NOT been diagnosed, but I suspect I may have sustained a brain injury

1.  If you're not certain what constitutes a brain injury, read about brain injury.

2.  If you believe you have had a brain injury and are exhibiting symptoms common to brain injury, contact a medical provider who understands brain injury for a proper diagnosis.   Some important medical specialists include a neurologist and neuropsychologist.  You should contact your primary care physician for a referral to a brain injury specialist.

3.  Contact your regional or state brain injury advocacy organization for more resources, including brain injury support groups.  Those who have walked the walk and facilitate these groups are most familiar with the resources in your community.

To locate your state or regional organization, locate the national or international brain injury advocacy organization for the type of acquired brain injury you suspect you may have, i.e., traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, stroke, aneurysm, etc.  Once you have found the national/international organizataion for your type of brain injury, search their site for resources and/or contact them by phone or E-mail for the details about your state or regional/state advocacy organization.

These organizations are involved in raising awareness about a specific type of brain injury; promoting prevention; and advocating for those affected by that type of brain injury. 

4.  If you are a veteran and suspect you have a brain injury, contact one of the resources listed here.